Black Cambria

These different tones of dark colors combined with a few orange rocks can bring a mysterious look to a tank, that goes great with any tank light you might have!

Gem Stone

This Gem will be a special addition to you aquarium due to its vibrant color!

Golden Look

Perfect for small tanks! Golden look adds a bright extraordinary fish tank feature.

Hawaii Gem

This small fine aquarium material will be a great choice for any kind of aquarium idea you have! After all who doesn’t like Hawaii?

Lava Bowl

Lava Bowls are a great addition to aquariums. Besides having rock or sand as a base, a decoration is a key part of an aesthetic natural aquarium. Our lava bowls give aquariums an enhanced and exotic underwater look.


Want to add some color to your aquarium? Rainbow pebble is the best choice with a mixture of light and dark shades.